What Is Coaching?

Action plan life coaching James Latimer

Simply put, Coaching is a process that enables you to identify, target and achieve your own personal goals.

Through the coaching process you can formulate your own development, outline your goals or outcomes, and chart your pathway to completion.  You are in charge of your destiny.  How far you wish to take yourself is up to you.

My role is to help you plan your journey, and enable you to believe you can achieve it.

Coaching is such an effective empowerment tool.  We want to better ourselves, improve our lives, our relationships, be more confident.  That drive of self improvement is in all of us.  Essentially we want to be Happy.  We are pulled to do whatever we feel will make us happy.  Coaching takes you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Coaching is Empowerment.

Empower yourself with life coaching

I can work with you on improving your performance, help you develop your outer game, so that you play / live with greater skill, power and fulfillment, to get you the results you want.

The place where we can truly make a difference to your Outer Game is by paying attention to your Inner Game.

Everything related to your Outer Game’s success, lies with your Inner Game attitude.  Learn more about your Inner Game


Who is refereeing your Inner Game?

Understanding and taking charge of your Inner Game is Empowerment.  To develop that journey is where I invite you to JOIN ME in a coaching partnership.