Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP / Inner Game / Mind Knowledge

NLP symbolizes the relationship between the brain, language and the body and is the tool for modelling success and excellence.

NLP was created to understand how people experience their world, interpret and process those experiences.


“NLP describes dynamics between mind (neuro) and language (linguistic) and how their interplay affects our body and behaviour (programming). “ Robert Dilts, NLP University

We are what we think!

How we interpret the events we see, the words we hear, can affect the way we choose to feel.  Ultimately how we choose to feel points to the types of “models of the world” we choose to create for ourselves.  How we think shapes our perspective on life.

Through the NLP techniques and processes I use, you can learn how to decipher your own programming to understand and change both your thinking and your behaviour.  NLP enables you to choose appropriate mental, emotional and physical states empowering you to broaden your perspective, giving you greater choice.  Just like we learn a habit, so can we unlearn it.

Change your programming, change your life.


NLP is widely used across the business and professional sport spectrum, in sports coaching, leadership development, skills training, and team building.


Empower your Inner Game.

NLP lightbulb / Inner Game of NLP

In Sport, in Life, and in Business the key to successful performance lies in understanding yourself on the mental and emotional level.  Mental resilience and emotional intelligence are growing buzzwords in Sport and Business.  Through NLP a growing sense of self awareness leads to true empowerment and genuine self management of your inner game.

I encourage you to start listening to your inner voice, hearing what you tell yourself, observing how that affects your emotional state, and consequently your physiology. The key to confidence, self belief and assured performance lies in understanding who we are and how we operate from the inside.  I call understanding and being in tune with my mental and emotional workings, My Inner Game, a term from one of my favourite books written by Timothy Gallwey – The Inner Game of Tennis.


My Approach – NLP Coaching.

I have found NLP tools combine perfectly with coaching’s tools and methods, to identify a clear client outcome.  Using aspects of NLP in my coaching sessions ensures you are ‘outcome’ focused in every coaching session.  One of the most important beliefs I hold, and have experienced with clients is that ‘change can happen in a heartbeat’.  NLP Coaching is a precision tool that cuts through the fog, facilitating powerful and lasting change, enabling you to establish what you really want and plan the steps to get there.

Regardless of whether your goals are personal or professional, the way to approach the mind is the same.