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College Coaching

Being at College or University can be a challenging time at the beginning of your adult years.  New found freedoms, being given free rein to learn under your own steam, manage your own finances, and develop at your own pace.

Having a personal coach is a great way to develop personal learning and responsibility.  How to plan your University goals and develop your career ambitions, and of course work through any doubts and challenges, both academic and personal.

Be an expert in your own Inner Game  and give yourself the tools to be at the forefront of your chosen field.

attitude is everything

Coaching enables you to be empowered, self motivated, to have confidence in your abilities and trust your mental and emotional judgements.  Most importantly to know you are in control of you.  You decide how you feel, what state you choose and where you go next.

To find out how Coaching can help you, give me a call for a free and informal chat.