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Personal Coaching

Man balancing lifeLife is complicated enough as it is.  We face so many challenges and demands, coming from different directions, both at home and at work.  We play so many roles to so many people and yet want to stay true to who we believe we are, or want to be.  We can be left feeling stuck, frustrated, even overwhelmed.

Coaching is a partnership.  Consider me ‘on your team’ to help you be the ‘best you can be’.

My coaching is a process that helps you identify and achieve your personal goals.  Insightful questioning is a particular tool in the Coach’s arsenal that can often seem challenging.  However through careful and precise questioning I can help you shift from where you are, to where you want to be.

Some questions Coaching can help you answer.Life questions

  • How do I manage my time better?
  • How do I gain clarity to achieve what I want in my life?
  • How do I manage the stress at work, at home and in my life generally?
  • How do I have better relationships with my work colleagues, my family?
  • I know what I want, it’s just how to get started.
  • I want to be . . . .  more efficient, more confident, have healthier relationships, feel happier in my life. I just don’t know how to go about it.
  • I’ve dreamt of doing . . . . but I’m not sure I’ll ever make it a reality. . .

Coaching is an effective method of empowering ourselves to facilitate change, to discover what’s important to us and what it is we really want in life.  To listen to and give voice to the hopes and dreams that are bubbling away in the background of daily noise.  I can help you find the courage and purpose to design your life to be exactly how you imagine it can be.

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