Feedback / Testimonials

Jonathon Blair – SFC at System Partners (Australia)

It was clear from our first interaction onwards that James is incredibly savvy when it comes to the human story, and that he delights in unlocking his clients true potential. It has been a tremendously rewarding experience working with him to better clarify my true personal performance objectives, and to subsequently achieve these in such a smooth and surprising fashion. He expertly facilitated my understanding of my internal blockers and has helped me to better access my resourcefulness to effectively overcome these, while building upon my reserves of resilience to better respond to new challenges as they arise. Having had past experience with coaching interventions I can clearly see when someone does it well, and James’ elegant, subtle yet powerful method of working is the best I’ve had exposure to – validated by my renewed sense of inspiration and clarity of presence post the sessions. I highly recommend coaching with James if you are ready to take responsibility for your best future and you need the best facilitation to help you get there now.

Matt Horan MD at Rollasole (UK)

We got in touch with James to receive some coaching when the business was going through wholesale structural changes. His guidance and unique analysis has offered some invaluable insight into how to best grow the company, applying new structures to the company as a whole and how I operate as a Manager and my personal entrepreneurial ambitions The company has already started reaping the rewards of this guidance and I look forward to working with him in the future.

Anna C, Teacher, International School, Mongolia.

“I consulted James when I was at a big crossroads in my life, both personal and professional, and really didn’t know what direction to take.  The surprising thing for me was that James asked questions I’d never have thought of asking myself, and that made me find my own answers.  I didn’t feel as if I’d been given advice, more that he’d helped me to separate all the different dilemmas out.  With his calm help, I’d managed to untangle all my confusion and come to the decisions I ultimately wanted to.  It lifted a load off my shoulders that I hadn’t really been aware I was carrying.  The next day I accepted the job I had been offered overseas and began to plan for moving half way round the world, and six months later I can say that I’ve had amazingly positive experiences I’d never have had if James hadn’t made me feel brave enough to take big steps.  Every now and then I think back to that meeting, and can hardly believe how much it helped me to see things more clearly. I’ll definitely book future sessions with James next time I need a boost to move forward in my life.”

Josh Bradley – CMO at 4C (London – UK)

Working with James helped give me a fresh perspective on how I managed my personal and professional life on a day to day basis. James is a fantastic listener and let me talk through the topics that were on my mind, yet he has a great ability to weigh in with some thought provoking feedback when it’s needed. If you are considering engaging with an Executive Coach, I would highly recommend speaking with James, he’ll provide you with a fantastic platform to take on whatever challenges you are facing in your personal or professional career.

Chris Emberson – Geoptimise (UK)

James’ coaching skills are second-to-none. He is a very good listener and provides sound, sane advice. Even though I would consider myself to be relatively well organised, he has helped me rationalise multiple work-related tasks to bring forward the progress I was hoping for in just a matter of months. James has a natural talent for helping others to ‘see the wood for the trees’ and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others.

Kay C, Restaurant Owner. Algarve, Portugal.

“Having had some very challenging situations in the past, James has helped me more than I would have believed possible.  As a single mum trying to deal with an array of emotional challenges, his coaching has helped find my way back to a feeling of self security, ‘my path’, as I call it.  James is the person I go to when I need to get back on track, and when I need to be reminded that I am in control of what I think and no one else.  Thank you James for all you are, and everything you remind me that I am.”

Cauz –

Cauz would like to thank James Latimer personally for the work he did with Cauz in the early stages of its creation. James was able to conceptualise what was needed in society and what to build in order to change and drive it forward. His most notable idea was for a “People’s Platform” from where Citizens would be able to take control of their affairs on a very local level, affecting real change in our communities. On a personal level, James is also a very wise life coach. He realises the tie up between personal and professional wellbeing and has the ability to incorporate both in his coaching. James on behalf of all here, we would like to thank you for your services to

Alice B, Director, Teeny Greeny, Wiltshire, UK

“I saw James when I was at a point in my business life where I felt totally ‘stuck.’  I couldn’t think of any way out and unless James had a list of solutions to give me, I initially felt that he would be unable to help either!  James did not have that list of solutions but he did help me to find my own list of solutions.   Since seeing James I have put in place some important steps to be able to achieve what I want within my Business.  James is warm and friendly whilst remaining professional.  Working with James was great and I will be making time for another session soon!”

Adam Getgood – Musician & Producer UK

“Working with James has been a profound and enriching experience, with his calm and earnest coaching style making it enjoyable even when facing the most challenging topics. The coaching sessions have left me with a much more solid and clear understanding of what it is that I’d like to achieve as well as how to achieve it, and as a result I have been able to find solutions to make of the problems I was facing prior to our sessions.”

Dan King –  Account Director BMC software UK

James and I worked together over a few months, whereby he was helping me with his coaching expertise. I found James to be someone you can really trust, he offers certainly frank, tangible and helpful areas to improve yourself upon. Even after the first session, he demonstrated he has a wonderful ability to understand, listen and advise and/or change a course of one’s trajectory. I certainly will work with James in the future and would recommend him to anyone seeking to better understand themselves professionally and personally.

Karl Durrant. Martial Arts Instructor. Bristol, UK.

“I came to James at a time when I had a few key decisions to mull over.  I needed to regroup and formulate a plan of action. James helped me do that in a single session.”