Feedback / Testimonials

"I saw James when I was at a point in my business life where I felt totally ‘stuck.’  I couldn’t think of any way out and unless James had a list of solutions to give me, I initially felt that he would be unable to help either!  James did not have that list of solutions but he did help me to find my own list of solutions.   Since seeing James I have put in place some important steps to be able to achieve what I want within my Business.  James is warm and friendly whilst remaining professional.  Working with James was great and I will be making time for another session soon!”

Alice B, Director, Mayfield Organic Ltd, Wiltshire, UK

“I came to James at a time when I had a few key decisions to mull over.  I needed to regroup and formulate a plan of action. James helped me do that in a single session.”

Karl Durrant. Martial Arts Instructor. Bristol.

"Having had some very challenging situations in the past, James has helped me more than I would have believed possible.  As a single mum trying to deal with an array of emotional challenges, his coaching has helped find my way back to a feeling of self security, ‘my path’, as I call it.  James is the person I go to when I need to get back on track, and when I need to be reminded that I am in control of what I think and no one else.  Thank you James for all you are, and everything you remind me that I am."

Kay, Owner. Coopers Bar Bistro, Algarve, Portugal.

"I consulted James when I was at a big crossroads in my life, both personal and professional, and really didn't know what direction to take.  The surprising thing for me was that James asked questions I'd never have thought of asking myself, and that made me find my own answers.  I didn't feel as if I'd been given advice, more that he'd helped me to separate all the different dilemmas out.  With his calm help, I'd managed to untangle all my confusion and come to the decisions I ultimately wanted to.  It lifted a load off my shoulders that I hadn't really been aware I was carrying.  The next day I accepted the job I had been offered overseas and began to plan for moving half way round the world, and six months later I can say that I've had amazingly positive experiences I'd never have had if James hadn't made me feel brave enough to take big steps.  Every now and then I think back to that meeting, and can hardly believe how much it helped me to see things more clearly. I'll definitely book future sessions with James next time I need a boost to move forward in my life."

Anna C, Teacher, International School, Mongolia.